Pastoral Care and Membership

Our church values the importance of individual care and being a member provides a safety net of support.

Pastoral care is one of the benefits of membership and is available, where appropiate, 24/7. There are a number of ways in which pastoral care is made available to church members.

  • Through membership of one of our Pastoral groups - mens and womens life groups or a mixed life group. Some other groups have the facility to provide pastoral care which may be from with in the group itself or by people recommended by the group leader.
  • Church members may be helped by any of the Pastoral Care Team.
  • Through trusted friends, qualified to help with the issue for which help is needed.

For those not in a care group we have asked people to nominate an agreed individual who who will pray for them and watch over them. Those not in a group have passed the details of their agreed person to the church office.

Whether the need is prayer or practical everyone is looked after.

We see membership serving two main purposes.

Firstly, that the teamwork of church life functions in a healthy, natural and organised manner. Every member is valued. We support the concept of leadership and teamwork where all are variously gifted and no one is worthless. A group that are committed together to serve the Lord.

The second purpose of membership is that of proper protection. Protection from the enemy of our souls, the Devil. Peoples lives are always more prosperous when under the covering and support of any God given authority.