Paul -1



As I am writing this blog, it is the most beautiful early June day. Warm sunshine and a gentle breeze. It is perfect Bar-B-Q weather, there is more than enough food in the fridge and all is well; in fact it almost feels like a ‘holiday day’. At this time the persecuted church seems a million miles away, the cost of discipleship hardly an attractive study and living sacrificially for Jesus a challenge today is not for thinking about. I don’t want to sound heavy and it is true, we should be more than thankful for every blessing and such days should be enjoyed and this is one of them.


So my point? It is all too easy to become me focused, relaxation based and pleasure orientated. Do it for long enough and you all too easily lose your focus on who you are in God, the mission field around you and the values that have made your life different and met the deepest needs in your life. You can soon feel sorry for yourself and very sure that everybody else is having such a relaxing time.


Does God not like holidays or summer or people enjoying themselves? Of course He does but He also knows the realities of what happens to a man or women when He is not at the centre of their lives. At first it might even be easier without the Creator at the centre but it is only a matter of time before self-centredness and easy living become dissatisfying, destructive and deluding. He loves us sufficiently not to let us get trapped in any indulgence that robs us of the peace of the Holy Spirit.


So, have a great summer, terrific holidays, lots of lovely Bar-B-Qs giving thanks for the endless blessings that we enjoy. At the same time remember that our spirits need feeding anything as much as the rest of us. The apostle Paul writes… “those who use the things of the world, as if not engrossed in them. For this world in its present form is passing away.”  (1 Cor 7:31)








Jane Darley, 09/01/2011